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SpecialChat Ajax Open source is a fully customizable web chat

SpecialChat dot net founded at 2004 by hany alsamman and designed by ghias refai at code experts , we’ve created this site for entertainment in general

The site works using CGI and Perl programming language, After 3 years i began to learn the php and MySQL languages to build dynamic web chat system
store data in database instead datafile and this system born between 2008 and 2009 but it’s still very awesome codes and good idea to share it to public

This chat system is similar to IRC chat because it controlled using command lines , there a ton of good and funny commands check this list

has been building this system using several techniques ,
templates system (TPL) , PHP Object-Oriented (OOP) , MySQL


Diagrams: it’s still works very well with php 5.4.x


Source code on Github :

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  • Ghias Refai

    It was great days, I owe you too much man 🙂