How's it going? My name is Hany

and my friends call me guru.

 (you can call me guru too ;)

I'm an

Web Developer

I work now in …

Experience Web Developer… wait… what?


Let me tell you how it all began.

It was early in my life when

I discovered that some applications

had problems with

Soon I realized that those problems

could be other people's problems too


that they could be avoided!

I came to the conclusion that

by finding ways to solve those problems

I could make people feel better.

That's what led me into a search in how to

convey meaningful information,

craft unbelievably great interactions,

design gorgeous interfaces,

prepare killer mojitos,

but most important…

coding for better experiences.

With time I've acquired skills in…

Information Architecture & Interaction Design

Visual Design



and a bit of :Pythonlolcode,
Android Developmentwhitespace and iOSbrainfuck

Did you like my story?

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